Transport Morski z Chin Transport Kolejowy

Sea transport from China to Europe and its best alternative

A lot has happened in transport from the Far East in recent years. The continuous competition of shipowners led to the bankruptcy of Hanjin – one of the largest maritime container operators. It also showed that by constantly reducing freight prices, not only Hanjin, but also other shipowners have major financial problems. The consequence of this was the analysis of the profitability of container freight and the resulting increase in prices. China’s maritime transport is slowly ceasing to be as competitive as it has been until recently. Does this mean the era of rail transport?
Sea transport from China is increasingly being replaced by rail transport.

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Transport of goods from China by rail

Goods can be transported from China in three ways: by sea, by rail and by air. Each of these methods is best suited for something different, has different characteristics and costs. The transport of goods from China is dominated by mass sea transport, but nowadays rail transport is creating more and more serious competition on the market.

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Transport Kolejowy Import z Chin

Import from China. How to do it best? China Train Transport

Over several decades, the Middle Kingdom has transformed from a poor colossus into a giant dictating economic conditions for the whole world. At present, the Chinese economy is nothing like the one we know from the 80’s and 90’s. Chinese enterprises take over companies all over the world: diamond mines in Africa, robotics factories in Germany, and Dream Factory in the USA. However, the domestic market is still focused primarily on production – this is even shown by the figures in trade relations with Poland. According to official data of the Central Customs Office of the PRC, Polish imports from China are almost twelve times larger than exports!

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Transport Kolejowy z Chin Cena

Rail transport from China – price and characteristics

In traditional reasoning, transport methods in relations with China can be divided into three parts: air, sea and rail. Among the characteristic features of all these measures, transport speed and cost come to the fore. It is known that the plane is the fastest and most expensive, and the ship is the slowest, but the cheapest. In comparison with other methods, rail transport from China is surprising – the price of this mode of transport does not make you dizzy!

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