Transport Kolejowy serwis drobnicowy

Groupage rail service, rail transport from China to Poland

The BBA Transport System in parallel with the maritime service offers regular LCL groupage and FCL container transport from China to Poland and EU countries. The loads reach customers spread all over Europe, also to countries outside the European Union, e.g. to Serbia and Albania. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the possibilities of rail transport in our implementation!

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Transport Kolejowy Paczka z Chin

PACKAGE FROM CHINA – that is, the choice of transport mode and optimization of shipment costs below 1 cbm / 100 kg

In the work of the forwarder I often come across a very cursory customer inquiry, e.g. how much does your package from China have? Without specifying the size and weight of such a shipment, as well as customer needs in the case of speed of delivery, we will not be able to answer this query optimally.

We accept a package below 1 m3 / 1 cbm and below 100 kg. In many cases, customers are looking for the cheapest solution. However, they do not necessarily receive such. Transportation Parcels from China under 50 kg are worth checking out the air solution. Air freight is often at a similar price level as rail transport – and is much faster.

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Transport Kolejowy z Chin Cena

Rail transport from China – price and characteristics

In traditional reasoning, transport methods in relations with China can be divided into three parts: air, sea and rail. Among the characteristic features of all these measures, transport speed and cost come to the fore. It is known that the plane is the fastest and most expensive, and the ship is the slowest, but the cheapest. In comparison with other methods, rail transport from China is surprising – the price of this mode of transport does not make you dizzy!

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