Transport Kontenerów z Chin

Container transport from China. What exactly is a container?

There are many ways to transport goods, but container will always be the basic method of transporting general cargo. Not only general cargo – it’s a great transport method for transporting larger loads. The container is ideal for transporting loads over long distances, as it provides protection against weather conditions. An additional advantage is the improvement of transport from point A to point B. How to transport containers from China so that everything goes our way?

Container transport from China – what is a container?

The container, despite the fact that it is difficult to confuse it with anything, has its definition. In 1968, the ISO TC 104 technical committee defined it as follows:

  • transport device with durable construction guaranteeing multiple use
  • its construction enables transport by many means of transport without having to reload the goods
  • is suitably equipped to facilitate attachment, handling and handling from one mode of transport to another
  • the design allows easy loading and unloading of goods

At that time, the same organization established standard measures and parameters of containers, giving us, for example, 20 ‘and 40’ containers. This determination also led to the creation of the TEU (20 ‘container = 1 TEU). Since the parameters have been determined, the container has become the basic loading unit in both sea and land transport.

Types of containers in transport

Thanks to its original versatility, the container has been modified many times and gave us specialized transport equipment. Currently, in addition to the standard 20’HC and 40’HC we have a number adapted to special tasks. These are for example:

  • refrigerated containers for transporting goods at a controlled temperature (from -35 ° C to 30 ° C)
  • open roof containers suitable for loading and unloading goods from above
  • flat rack with open side and top, especially useful for transporting loads that protrude beyond the outline of the container
  • platforms, useful in transporting loads protruding beyond the outline of the container on each side
  • containers for hanging clothes (garments on hangers containers)

In addition to those mentioned for transport, many other types can be used.

How to transport containers?

Means of transport have been adapted to maximize profits. This means that the containers are compatible with most means of transport. Everyone knows the view of containers stacked on top of each other on container ship decks. The railway has also adapted to a universal transport device: in this means of transport, special container wagons and platform wagons are mainly used. They are adapted to attach containers, so we can be sure that the transported load is safe in storage.

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