Transport Kolejowy Paczka z Chin

PACKAGE FROM CHINA – that is, the choice of transport mode and optimization of shipment costs below 1 cbm / 100 kg

In the work of the forwarder I often come across a very cursory customer inquiry, e.g. how much does your package from China have? Without specifying the size and weight of such a shipment, as well as customer needs in the case of speed of delivery, we will not be able to answer this query optimally.

We accept a package below 1 m3 / 1 cbm and below 100 kg. In many cases, customers are looking for the cheapest solution. However, they do not necessarily receive such. Transportation Parcels from China under 50 kg are worth checking out the air solution. Air freight is often at a similar price level as rail transport – and is much faster.

A small package from China – weight and size decide on the means of transport

For sea and rail transport, the weight to volume converter is high and amounts to:

  • Marine 1 cbm = 1000 kg
  • Railway 1 cbm = 500 kg
  • Aviation 1 cbm = 167 kg

China Train Rail Transport From China. Package From China To Poland

In this situation, sending a package from China by sea with an example volume of 0.5 cbm 30 kg we pay the same as if we sent a package twice as large with a volume and weight up to 1 ton, or in the case of rail 500 kg. By paying for every kilo and every centimeter, air transport becomes attractive for this type of shipment.

Of course, the prices of sea and rail transport are much lower than by air. However, they require larger orders to make sense of sending a package from China.

At BBA Transport System, we adjust the offer to the volume and weight of the package and give optimal price solutions.

For sea transport, we can send parcels to China and the USA through 5 warehouses throughout Poland. These are respectively Kraków, Gdańsk, Warsaw, Poznań and Wrocław. We have the same price rate from each of the warehouses. We import a parcel from China directly from the ports of Gdynia and Hamburg to shorten the delivery time. We also provide full customs service both for fiscal clearance in Germany and throughout Poland.

Rail transport is the best solution

Our rail transport from China has a great ratio of transport time to its price. We have contacts with Partners in China, so we have a guarantee that every package from China will reach Poland without unnecessary delays.

Please contact us to determine the best mode of transport for your goods!