Transport of goods from China by rail

Goods can be transported from China in three ways: by sea, by rail and by air. Each of these methods is best suited for something different, has different characteristics and costs. The transport of goods from China is dominated by mass sea transport, but nowadays rail transport is creating more and more serious competition on the market.

Transport of goods from China

When we can’t afford to bring something from China within a few days, but we don’t have time to transport goods by ship, rail transport becomes the best solution. Rail transport is a combination of pros and cons of other means of transport. Thanks to simplified procedures and the customs union of the New Silk Road countries, it is a great solution for doing business with the Middle Kingdom.

Rail Transport of Goods from China

The great advantage of rail transport in relations with the Middle Kingdom is the ability to quickly transport goods from state to state. Trains on the New Silk Road can travel up to 1000 kilometers in one day. And all this with about 40 freight cars. They are adapted for groupage, full container and refrigerated transport. Thanks to the signing of agreements between the countries that make up the Route, trains practically do not have to stop at control. Transports are carefully planned, so there are no accidents on the route. However, there are phenomena that can not be predicted, for example, sandstorms, which can affect the punctuality of warehouses. Fortunately, they occur sporadically.

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Until recently, rail transport generated high costs, which made it less attractive than air transport. Fortunately, thanks to the reduction of necessary downtime and minimizing the burden of procedures, the prices have dropped significantly. This means that by paying relatively little more than by ship, you can transport goods faster and safer. We encourage you to use the price calculator developed by our specialists!

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