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Import from China. How to do it best? China Train Transport

Over several decades, the Middle Kingdom has transformed from a poor colossus into a giant dictating economic conditions for the whole world. At present, the Chinese economy is nothing like the one we know from the 80’s and 90’s. Chinese enterprises take over companies all over the world: diamond mines in Africa, robotics factories in Germany, and Dream Factory in the USA. However, the domestic market is still focused primarily on production – this is even shown by the figures in trade relations with Poland. According to official data of the Central Customs Office of the PRC, Polish imports from China are almost twelve times larger than exports!

Imports from China – general appearance

According to the Central Statistical Office, trade turnover with China in 2017 reached USD 29 331 million. Exports to China were worth USD 2,305 million, while imports from China were USD 27,026 million. This means that imports are less than 12 times higher than exports! This dizzying amount consists of several main categories of products, which we most often import from the Middle Kingdom. Those are:

  • electronics
  • reactors, machines and parts
  • toys
  • clothing
  • furniture

These goods accounted for almost 85% of Polish imports from China, were listed in order from the most valuable to the least valuable. When we look at them closer, we will notice that the first two items often require fast transport. And in fact: electronic devices such as watches, telephones, cameras, cameras, players and others are most often transported by air. However, this is not the only option.

Types of transport of goods from China

Air transport is somehow the elite of means of transport in trade. This is the fastest method, but due to restrictions and operating costs, air transport is also the most expensive.

Exactly on the other side of the scale is sea transport. It is both the cheapest and the most economical mode of transport. However, it is characterized by the fact that it lasts a long time (from 30 to even 50 days, depending on the conditions) and is statistically associated with the highest risk. Sea transport is strongly dependent on the weather; sometimes there are accidents and mistakes at transhipments. However, this is compensated by the lowest price and the smallest restrictions on the goods transported.

Rail transport ranks between these two methods. It is not as fast as air transport, but it is definitely cheaper; it is not as cheap as sea transport, but it is much faster. Ultimately, it is the rail that transports the most goods that are the basis of our imports from China. An example would be the shipping of industrial valves from Austria to China last year carried out by BBA Transport System. We encourage you to use the intuitive calculator that allows you to estimate transport costs and to contact our forwarders!